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Muslim Mental Health

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Muslim Mental Health Overview Available Below

The Institute for Muslim Mental Health published an overview on Muslim mental health care in collaboration with the Nathan Kline Institute Center for Excellence in Cultural Competency.


We are happy to announce Volume 7 of the Journal of Muslim Mental Health is now available online as a free, open access publication.  Volume 7 has been released as a double issue, with the first issue dedicated to the thematic topic of Stigma. 


Mental Health Stigma in the Muslim Community

Attitudes Toward Muslim Americans Post-9/11


American Muslim College Students: The Impact of Religiousness and Stigma on Active Coping

Mental Health Help-Seeking Behaviors of Muslim Immigrants in the United States: Overcoming Social Stigma and Cultural Mistrust 


Volume 7, Issue 2, features the following seminal works: 


American Muslim Marital Quality: A Preliminary Investigation   


Symptoms of PTSD among Children Living in War Zones in Same Cultural Context and Different Situations 


Mental health, subjective well-being, and religiosity: Significant associations in Kuwait and USA


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Updated August 7, 2013.



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