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The Journal of Muslim Mental Health

     The Journal of Muslim Mental Health intends to identify the mental health care needs of Muslims. Establishing a peer reviewed and refereed academic journal will encourage research in this field and provide a forum for the development of culturally sensitive psychometric scales, faith-based psychotherapy techniques, outcome studies on mental health interventions in Muslim populations, etc….

      As community service projects are developed, the void in the Muslim mental health literature becomes more glaring. The Journal of Muslim Mental Health will be a forum for filling this vacuum by making relevant research data, typically overlooked by more general mental health journals, readily available within and beyond the academic medical community.  Aside from important intellectual contributions, the journal will inform service-oriented work that will make institutions more effective in delivering mental health care to their communities.

        Can Muslim mental health professionals and academics provide a culturally, and religiously, relevant approach to mental illness? Can Islam as a tradition develop a distinct position on human behavior, psyche, and mental health which can accommodate different cultures in different periods? These are questions that must be addressed by researchers in the field who are familiar with the principles of Islamic law, theology, and philosophy and are actively participating in research on mental health. There are only a few contemporary works that attempt to reconcile current theories of behavior and psychopathology with Muslim cultures.  The Journal of Muslim Mental Health will serve as a vehicle for critical engagements with the academic discourse, integrating different modes of research and analysis, exploring the culturally constructed dimension of mental illness and exploring the spectrum of Muslim perspectives on mental health. 

 How You Can Contribute

     One of the most important contribution one can make is your intellectual contribution. The success of this journal depends on the quality of the literature published. Therefore, if you have interesting clinical or analytical research, a compelling editorial or book review, or if you can write up an interesting clinical case then please submit your work to our journal. Second, if you have expertise in a specific discipline within mental health, please volunteer as a peer reviewer. We carefully select our peer review staff; therefore, you must submit your curriculum vita to the below address. 

 For questions or contributions please email Dr. Hamada Hamid, Managing Editor: