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Phone: (734) 657-3183

Life gets overwhelming. Sometimes we need some support in the areas we feel lost. We can help. Are you or someone in your family suffering from ADD? Are there academic issues? Are there behavioral concerns? Symptoms? Learning challenges? Does that spouse seem to not pay attention? Lose things? Get tasks confused? Does your family member seem to know which buttons to press without trying? Is all this frustrating you beyond your limit? We can help.

At Naeem & Associates, we take a multifacted approach which incorporates lifestyle changes such as diet, supplements, exercise, brain optimization, assessments and psychotherapy. We believe your issues have multiple layers. So we take an effective multilayered approach to make sure that peace and health fully return and stay in your life.
Average Session Cost: $100-150
Sliding Scale: Yes
Address: 39293 Plymouth Rd.
Suite 118
City: Livonia
State: Michigan
Zip Code: 48150
Affiliation: President
Fax: (866) 225-0850
  • ADHD
  • Academic Underachievement
  • Behavioral Issues
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Our broad vision is the long-term mental health and well-being of Muslim communities supported through preventative interventions and education which is accessible, culturally relevant and academically sound.

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