Phone: 630-474-4414
Holistic Health Counselor & Hakim
State: Illinois
Phone: 618-343-6015
State: Illinois
Phone: 219-697-3512
State: Indiana
Phone: 9294442064
Mental Health Counselor
State: Louisiana
Phone: 443-254-6304
State: Maryland
Phone: 443-252-2397
State: Maryland
Phone: 617-233-8957
General adult work, trained in three traditions: allopathic ("Western") medicine incl. psychiatry, contemplative psychotherapy, analytic/depth psychology. Non-Muslim (in the main current use of the term) with experience supporting Muslim brothers and sisters and non-Muslims related to Islam.
State: Massachusetts
Phone: (734) 657-3183
At Naeem & Associates, we take a multifacted approach which incorporates lifestyle changes such as diet, supplements, exercise, brain optimization, assessments and psychotherapy. We believe your issues have multiple layers.
State: Michigan
Phone: 3132656284
Assma Khatib is a Limited License Professional Counselor treating children, adolescents and adults through individual, couples, family and group therapy sessions. Khatib uses therapeutic techniques and strategies to empower her clients.
State: Michigan
Phone: 734-219-6764
State: Michigan
Phone: 248-929-2712
State: Michigan
Phone: 6123324973
People's Center is a four clinic system that provides medical, behavioral health and dental services. Our mission is to deliver affordable health care, inspire hope and promote community wellness.
State: Minnesota
Phone: 603-818-8926
State: New Hampshire
Phone: (732) 659-0683
Change Begins with you Connect. Empower. Heal. Thrive. Noreen Iqbal, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist providing individual/couples/family therapy. Visit our website to schedule a 15 minute clarity call.
State: New Jersey

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Our broad vision is the long-term mental health and well-being of Muslim communities supported through preventative interventions and education which is accessible, culturally relevant and academically sound.

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